Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sun shining down over me and you

I absolutely can't believe how glorious the weather has been over the past few days! 27 degrees today, it's insane. I hope you've all been spending your time sunbathing and soaking up as much sun as possible - because it's not here for long! We're back to 14 degrees on Thursday...Anyway, let's not speak about doom and gloom now.

I've decided to take an interest into the up and coming instragram, i signed up to it about a year ago, but i've only really just got into it as everyone else has. I use it for many personal benefits but i would for you all to check it out, my name is: scarlettrose95

I hope everyone taking exams atm are trying their very best, and i wish them the best of luck!

Below is my OOTD.