Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hair cut ;p

So i finally got my hair cut, i kinda like it. It's so strange washing your hair in the shower and really it! May even go shorter next time ;) What do you all think?? Oh and i'm thinking about doing a big wardrobe clear out so if anyone fancies some new clothes just email me: :)

Everyone must buy Florence + The Machine's new album Ceremonial- IT'S INCREDIBLE xxxxx


  1. looks good! I just got a haircut as well! :) I love the lightness of it since i have thick hair. I think you should try a shorter cut or adding some bangs!

    1. Thanks, i have had a bit of a mess around with it and i'm really starting to like it! Deffo think i'll be going shorter too :D

  2. Your new hair really suits you! Just discovered you blog it's really good! If you wanna make money from ur old clothes u can always put them on EBay I made over £150 when I did it just a suggestion. X