Saturday, 28 April 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I deeply apologise for being such a fail of a blogger recently, i've just been so extremely busy with revision, going to New York and London. Anyway, i hope this blog makes up for it and i'll try to tell you everything i have done.

So this is New York, i took this photo from the top of the Empire State building about two hours after our plane landed at JFK airport. It is the most incredible place i have ever been to; not to be cliched, but one day i hope i can live there. Walking around the city is like you're walking around a movie set. You can vaguely see the Statue of Liberty at the back on the right. The tallest building on this photo, the one with lots of scaffolding and a tall spike, is in fact one of the brand new 'Freedom Towers' that are being built around the 9/11 memorial. If you look slightly to the left of this, there is another building with scaffolding, this will be built as tall as the other one (104 floors). Our hotel was on Times Square, which was amazing because every morning we'd walk out onto Times Square with all the lights and the buzzing atmosphere. I woke up at 7.30am (yes, i know, very keen) but i'd wake up my little sister and we'd walk around Times Square for a bit drinking our Starbucks caramel macchiatos. Obviously we did all the usuals, went to the Statue of Liberty, Elis Island, 9/11 memorial, Grand Central Station, Strawberry Fields, Central Park, Empire State Building, Tiffany's (where i bought my best friend the most gorgeous ring for her birthday) etc. Can't stress more how much i advise going to New York as 'something to do before you die'.

Of course we couldn't go all the way to NYC without purchasing a few items...

All these clothes here are from American Apparel, the photos don't really do the clothes any justice.

Maroon Crop Top: $14
Denim Disco Pants: $62
Striped Skirt: $40
Halter-Neck (backless) Body: $32


The rest of these clothes i bought in London:

Levi Jeans: Urban Outfitters £45
Blazer: Topshop Boutique £80
Rings: Vintage £6
Sunglasses: Topshop £16
Shoes: Aldo £45

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, will upload some photos of me styling the clothes at a later date :) x

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